Duties and responsibility of a police officer

Police officers play a great role in every society. To establish the law enforcement system perfectly, a police officer plays the very important role. They save us from happening any kind of mishap and abnormal occurrence on the country. Without the police officer and law enforcement system in a country, it would become difficult to survive in a country peacefully. A law enforcement officer monitors the criminal activities of the country, investigate crimes, arrest the criminals, present them before the court, take part in patrols, answer an important call of the citizens and listen they complain and so on.
Anyone cannot be a police officer. A police officer has to be physically fit along with having the necessary personal skills to lead people and protest the crimes. A detailed and broader training is provided to the law enforcement officer to become strong in this field. To qualify for the police training high school diploma is enough along with a great physical fitness. But there are different sectors for the police also. If anyone wants to be expert in the criminal justice department, he/she might need to have few years of degrees. Few of the duties and responsibilities of the police officer are given below-

Serve and Protect

The common and primary duty of the police officer is to serve and protect the nation and the people of the nation. It is their foremost duty. A police officer doesn’t only save the citizens from the crime and adverse situations but also helps them in the emergency situations like the national crisis, disaster, and so on. They can arrest any suspects or criminals who want to violate the condition of a country.

Investigate Crimes

A police officer also investigates the crime. Without any kind of solid proof, a police officer can’t arrest anyone. The police officer needs to investigate different crime scenes to find out the solid proof about any incident. Whether it’s a crime or accident, a police officer finds out the guilty with proper investigations.

Community Involvement

A police officer needs to have the involvement with the different community. Along with ensuring the overall condition of the country, they can also involve themselves on creating the social awareness. A police officer can educate and train normal people on handling different types of tough conditions. A police officer also plays very vital role on drug prevention from the society.

So, these are some major responsibilities of the police officer. A police officer provides us and a nation so many facilities. So, they also need to be protected from all kind of external threats. Police officer alliance protects the police from different occurrences and threats to ensure smooth operation of them for the country.

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