Police Officers Support Alliance of America

The Police Officers Alliance of America is a non-profit and conservative gun rights that is headquartered in Washington, D.C. its members are mainly active duty and the retired law enforcement officers, all interest members from the public as well as crime victims. It seeks to protect the rights of all citizens while still representing the interest of the general public and its members. It is also a 527-organization thus his means it is a tax exempt organization under the section 527 of the American Internal Revenue Code.

Critics have said that the organization is a scam but their name is simply tarnished by certain con persons whose aim is to defraud you of your hard earned name in the name of being the American Police Alliance. The organization publishes a magazine, ‘Shield’ and a newsletter, ‘The LEAA Advisor’. It also works to highlight various incidents of civilian self-defence such as that in which Harry Beckwith interrupted seven criminals in the process of stealing firearms from his store and ensuring that six of them could be safely arrested by the police.

The police Alliance represent citizens from all political stripes as well as from all stations in life in support of electing legislators who stand behind the men and women in law enforcement and those who willingly go into harm’s way day in day out. These are the brave people who have the courage to run towards trouble to ensure that safety and order is restored. They present a way for interested citizens to leverage their contribution by thousands of times through combining it with contributions from various other like-minded people and to have an effect that is way beyond their local political jurisdictions.
In every election cycle, this American Police Officers Alliance identifies the most critical and close races as well as direct support to candidates who can best represent the interests of first responders, the police and you as well. They intervene with funds or even outreach at the leverage points where a difference can be influenced.

It is also involved in the political process in the laws and regulations that are passed as well as in the funding that is provided. They also provide a grassroots pathway through which all citizens can pool their resources towards the contribution for the election of legislators who are committed to advancing legislation that can help the police and first responders. They also support the election of legislators who help the police perform their duties in a safer and more effective manner as just like any other citizen, the police have their lives to protect while protecting those of others.

It is crucial for every citizen to recognise that the Police Officers Alliance of America is doing a great job towards bringing an impact in the creation of a just society hence they should offer their full support to the organization the more the members, the more they are able to accomplish their objectives and in an easy way. If not by joining the organization, you could offer your support by donating some funds.

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